Importing Assets From Collaborators

When I imported the art assets, that I received from Hayden, into the Unity project, I encountered a problem. The assets could be dragged into the scene and the preview of the assets had some form of artefacting.

It turns out that the cause of this problem is that the assets’ Texture Type was set to Default.


In for the asset to be useable in the way that I want it to, I just needed to change the Texture Type from Default to Sprite (2D and UI). This immediately fixed all the problems that I was having.

However, all the art assets that Hayden sent me were huge when compared the to size of our levels and, well… pretty much everything else.


I tried adjusting the size of the head by changing the scale of it, but that had me working in decimals and it was just a headache to deal with.

Fortunately, there is another way to deal with this problem. It is called Pixels Per Unit.


Adjusting Pixels Per Unit to 2500, instead of 100, shrunk the size of the asset down to the small head that you can see below the big head in the 2nd image above this.

From there on out it was a simple Texture Type change and a Pixels Per Unit adjustment to each assets that Hayden sent and they all became useable.



Graphic Design:

Brady and I met with Morgan, a Graphic Design student, during class on Monday to discuss an estimated delivery date of the Rulebook as well as what I could do to make the Rulebook transition from Development to Design easier.

She told me that if I include sample images, along with the text that is already there, it would be easier for her. My intention was to include images in as many places as possible, along with text to explain exactly what I wanted the image to look like. However, due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to provide everything that I intended to.

We agreed that Brady and I would deliver a draft of the Rulebook for Morgan to look over and the it should be deliver a week and a half from the time of the meeting. This goal wasn’t achieved either. Even though Morgan was given access to the Rulebook on Google Drive, the Rulebook was not in a state sufficient enough for submission. This happened because I underestimated the amount of work that was remaining on the Rulebook, as well as overestimating the amount of time that Brady and I were able to commit to the Rulebook.



Ben, Ruby and I met with Bronte, an Audio student, during class on Wednesday of Week 9. We showed her our pitch, as well as the Sound Bible we had made, and discussed what kind of audio assets we would need. She asked us what kind of style we were after and how many tracks we would need, then we asked her about delivery and communication. We decided to use our SAE emails to communicate with one another.

Only using emails didn’t hinder us and I believe that is because we were only after specific audio assets which weren’t likely to change. The first samples that Bronte provided us were great and left us feeling that she understood the theme that we were trying to go for.

Below is a recent string of emails between Bronte and I.

pasted image 0.png

Bronte placed all the audio assets that she made in a folder in Google Drive, below is a image of that folder.

pasted image 0 (1).png


Ben, Ruby and I met with Hayden, an Animation student, during class on Wednesday of Week 9. We showed him our Art Bible and discussed what kind of art assets and how many art assets we were thinking of. He asked us questions about art style and deadlines, then we asked him questions about workload and communication. We decided on communicating through our SAE emails, as can be seen below.

pasted image 0 (2).png

After the meeting, our first few emails were all about clearing up some details that were overlooked such as file formats and sizes. From there on, I had conversations with Hayden via emails every few days. This approach brought complications however. Deadlines were often made impromptu and complications that arose could only be addressed every few days. Instead of using email, I should have included Hayden in the Discord server that the team was using, especially since the art assets that we required were likely to changed depending on how we change the design.

Below is a an image of a Google Drive folder in which Hayden has placed all the art assets that he has made.  

pasted image 0 (3).png