Your Income & Your Art

The topic presented in week 2 is ‘Your Income & Your Art’. I have always found the money side of video games very interesting, although I’m not sure why. I personally have always disliked money, mainly due to some situations that I have been in with my family. Never-the-less I wish to support myself by making a career out of doing what I love.

The problem is that currently I don’t believe that what I am making is worth any money. Of course I have ideas for games that I would love to make and believe I would be able to make a profit from but I don’t currently have the skills to make these games the way that I would like to. Therefore I believe that employment would be my first step into the world of professional video game development. Employment will allow me to hone my skills as well as learn from others with more experience than me. It will also allow for me to not only make a living but also save money to fund my own game.

Another possible method that I believe would be viable is crowdfunding. Many games have been made possible through crowdfunding such as well known Koji Igarashi, influential in the creation of Castlevania, and his Kickstarter Bloodstained.

However, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a unique case. The Kickstarter campaign was used as a tool to measure the demand/popularity of the game. While there is no doubt that the additional funds that were raised over the Kickstarter’s initial goal, a project of this size requires money to get the campaign off the ground. These funds are usually provided by publishers.

There are also many successful projects by smaller and lesser known developers that have been successfully crowdfunded. These developers are just a few steps above myself and are more representative of what could be possible for me.  Games such as Shovel Knight, Undertale and The Banner Saga are all games that were successfully funded through Kickstarter that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

If I was to be realistic, I would only be able to decide this once I believe that my creations would be good enough to sell. This would mean that I need to finish my course before making this decision.